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Let a new language change your life.

Build your integrity as a visitor or immigrant to Costa Rica. Create lifelong bonds with locals through guided Spanish & English language exchange. Fall in love with this country's diversity, and get to know its wonders through the eyes of Ticos.

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Cultural compassion & integration.

The mission of Si, hablo! is to bridge the gap between locals, immigrants, and visitors in Costa Rica through learning Spanish, creating affordable English learning opportunities, cultural integration, and community stewardship. We are located in the beautiful Nosara area, where we are integrated with locals and work with non-profit organizations that promote regenerative tourism and support the local community.


We offer online and in-person lessons and cultural immersion retreats. By combining Spanish and English students, we foster cultural exchange and community empowerment. Our goal is to combat the negative effects of gentrification through integration and strengthen communities in Nosara and throughout Costa Rica.

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Why us?

Lessons you'll love.

We're different.

Our instructors are bilingual and empathetic to your cause. Guided language exchange, even in private or online lessons, means you'll always have a native Spanish speaker to practice with, whose life you'll forever change.

We're fun.

Free yourself of dull grammar exercises and join us for the most fun you've ever had learning a language. You'll learn verb conjugations in a fraction of the time, and pile on vocabulary with popular songs and scenario games.

We're effective.

 We know what it takes to get you fluent in Spanish. With our method, you'll build vocabulary and understand native speakers with a variety of accents in a fraction of the time. Within six months, most students are conversationally comfortable.

We're compassionate.

We're aware of the quickening of gentrification in Costa Rica, and the disappearing middle class. We work closely with a non-profit organization, and in our retreats get you involved with the locals so you can learn about the country directly from them and support the community in an effort to restore culture.

Nosara, Guanacaste

Costa Rica 50206

Nosara, Guanacaste

Costa Rica 50206

+506 6433 1099

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